Tommy and the Rugrats Wiki
First: Meet the Carmichael's
Age: 3-4 (Rugrats)

13-14 (All Grown Up)

Parents: Randy and Lucy
Siblings: Buster, Edwin, and Alisa
Performer: Cree Summer

Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael is the same age as Angelica, but that's where their similarities end. Susie is kind and trusting. While Angelica takes advantage of the kids (and the adults!), Susie tries to help out wherever she can, especially when it comes to the babies. Being on the opposite side of Angelica has its consequences. There is something of a rivalry between the girls and the babies are often caught in the middle.


Tommy and the Rugrats look up to their friend Susie Carmichael. She posseses the


kind of wisdom you can only get from experience. After all, she's three. Susie is the cute and tomboyishly beautiful 3 year old daughter of an overachieving mother (French chef, airline pilot and doctor) and a cartoon-writing dad (the famous Dummi Bears series.) Susie's energetic, optimistic, and quick to offer friendly advice and reassurance to an overwrought Rugrat. But she's also a little kid. Even a small catastrophe can send her into a momentary tantrum. Susie stands for what's right --- which often puts her right in Angelica's way.