First: Tommy's First Birthday
Parents: Grandpa and Lulu
Siblings: Stu
Children: Angelica
Performer: Michael Bell
Drew Pickles is the father of Angelica, and the husband of Charlotte. He is also Stu's older brother, with whom he is always arguing over petty differences. He is a successful accountant, but his parenting skills are not necessarily the best. He is typically hesitant to discipline his daughter, and he even spoils her with extragavant toys and gifts.


Although he's clean-cut with short, neat hair and glasses, Stu's older brother Drew looks otherwise identical to him. The similarity, however, between the two ends there. While Stu is an absent minded inventor, Drew is a staid investment banker with a somewhat lackluster imagination. Stu and Drew often backslide into immature sibling rivalry, forcing Grandpa to break up their petty arguements the way he did when they were children. Drew fiercely loves his three-year-old daughter Angelica, who he believes to be a Shirley Temple-like cherub. He wishes he could spend every second with his little darling, and is completely unaware of the monstrous bully she becomes when he turns his back.

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