Season 6 Episode 13
A Ghost Story
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The babies camp out in the garden.


The Rugrats are having a camp out in Tommy's room during a thunderstorm and begin to tell scary stories. Angelica calls on Chuckie to tell the first story, but he tells a more cheerful than scary story and Angelica orders him to tell it right. In his story, Chuckie meets Phil and Lil, who take him upstairs on a giant worm. There he is chased by a ghost which turns into Tommy. Angelica appears as a witch and hides the key to the attic. While the babies are searching for the key, Chuckie opens a door and the Real Monsters are sitting and staring at him on the television. Chuckie closes the door quickly, but Angelica orders the monsters to get the Rugrats. Tommy tells them there is chocolate pudding downstairs. Ickis decides whether to eat the babies or the pudding by licking Chuckie, and states that the pudding would be the better choice. The monsters leave, angering Angelica, and the babies go upstairs and fall asleep in a nice bedroom with a nightlight. Angelica bursts into the bedroom and yells at them, but the babies continue sleeping. The monsterly trio walks up behind Angelica, scaring her instead of the babies. She runs from the room calling for her parents as the episode ends.

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